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TMB Racing is a team of motivated athletes dedicated to working hard to promote multi-sport participation, and to inspire athletes of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves in a supportive and positive way. The team also joins forces with various organizations to help raise awareness and funding for non-profit causes. Since its inception four years ago, the TMB Racing team has grown in numbers to include the Western, Central and Northern NJ regions. The team is comprised of all athletes who compete in many arenas, of varying distances including triathlon, duathlon, adventure racing, trail running, swimming, and any other sport that makes them happy! 

TMB Racing athletes are committed to promoting the sport and each other in a positive and supportive way. We welcome all athletes - with varying ages and abilities - who would like to participate in sport, strive to achieve personal fitness goals, and who want to have fun in the process. Being part of this team is the opportunity to share training/racing tips, find others to train/race with and develop the sense of camaraderie with like-minded people in both a competitive and social setting.

Through collaborative efforts of dedicated team members and individuals it is therefore our mission to:

  • Provide a positive network of support to all those individuals who are interested in promoting healthy lifestyles through athletics
  • Give back to the community through donations, volunteerism, and sponsorship; be role models and mentors to others (of all ages) who are interested in developing and learning new skills
  • Be mindful of the impact that we have on the environment by 'treading' as gently as possible.


DISCLAIMER: All cyclists pedal at their own risk during group events. Helmets are required and safe riding skills are enforced.  Neither TMB RACING OR RAY/EVE CAMPEAU assume any responsibility or liability for any mishaps that could occur during group rides.


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